2014 Slovenia

The 2014 annual conference of COMCOL was held from 3-6 December in Celje, in Slovenia. The theme of the conference was: Collecting and collections in times of war or political and social change. 

It was the aim of COMCOL to discuss the theory, practice, and ethics of collection development. One of the issues being the social context of collection development, in particular, the impact of prevailing ideologies. The 2014 annual conference was the last of a series of three conferences in which COMCOL explored this issue from different perspectives. In 2012 (Cape Town) we discussed how the concept of utopia influenced (and influences) the forming of collections. In 2013 (Rio de Janeiro) we discussed the re-interpretation of older collections, focusing on exhibitions as a medium for re-interpretation. In 2014 we explored the triangular relationship between ideology, the institutional mission, and the collection profile. In particular, we explored how museum missions are influenced by changes in political ideologies and regimes, and to what extent collection profiles are adapted to the new missions.

If you are interested you can view here the program