Become a member

COMCOL would like to invite its members to develop the network into a vital association and mouthpiece of international cooperation. We welcome professionals and scholars with an interest in collecting as members of COMCOL.

The 32 International Committees (ICs) bring together experts of museum specialties and join an IC is one of the ICOM members benefit.

If you wish to join COMCOL but you are not yet a member of ICOM, the first step is to become an ICOM member first. To learn more about the various benefits of being an ICOM member, please visit:

For those who are already members of ICOM can simply join COMCOL directly through the IRIS member space. This way, the information is automatically updated, and the IC and National Committees (NCs) receive an email to let them know.

If you have any specific question regarding the International Committees, you can contact your membership coordinator, or Marine Walon, ICs coordinator ( Please also note that the International Committees’ directory is available on the ICOM website.