ICOM Governance updates

Dear members of COMCOL, to keep you up to date with the current issues within ICOM, we will be sharing summaries of the ongoing discussion as well as relevant documents on this website. Please note that these documents are not intended to be shared on social media platforms, and should be used solely for personal review.

Summary 2021: ICOM for change

Dear colleagues,

In the past year the COMCOL board has been actively taken part in the discussions with the boards of the other committees (national and international) and the EB on the events that occurred last year in the leadership of ICOM. Since then we joined forces to get clarity on what happened and how we can work on changing ICOM to make it future proof.

This summer we had our General Assembly again. During the June meetings we have seen that steps are being made to evaluate en improve.

COMCOL will continue to work closely with the other chairs of the national and international committees to follow and evaluate what happens.  We are dedicated to keep each other focused and stay critical on how to pave the way forward. We strongly believe in the need to protect transparency and democratic principles for us and for our organization.

You will find the documents below which we will update regularly.

Kindest regards,



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The resignation letters of  Executive Boardmember Hilda Abreu de Uttermohlen, MDPP2 member Luc Eekhout and Museums and Society coordinator Afsin Altayli as well as other statements and related documents are available in the ICOM memberspace [under Governance and Toolbox for International Committees]. The Internal Review from the EB is also available in the memberspace [under Governance].